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About US

Hey there! 

In the course of obtaining her Master’s Degree from Georgetown University in 2015, Mariella Paulino, our Founder, chose to explore the role of hearing loss and the way people with hearing loss interact with the world around them as part of her thesis project. 

The paper expanded as she recounted her own experiences and realized many of the problems she thought were personal--dating as a person with a disability, getting a taxi, disclosing her hearing disability at work.-- were not personal challenges but social ones experienced by almost all members of the community of people with hearing loss.  She conducted some research within the community and found that information regarding technology, tools, and policy that people were sharing in-person and online was often outdated and redundant.    

AHA! This was the light bulb moment! 

She decided to launch Project Hearing, an organization that bridges the gap between information and resources for people with a hearing disability and tech tools.

In just one year Project Hearing has grown and expanded beyond what our wildest dreams!  We currently have over 350 members who have signed up for our newsletter and our staff is slowly (but surely) expanding with new funding opportunities! 

We are so excited to have you join us.

Stay tuned, 2018 is set to be amazing. 

--The Project Hearing Team

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