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ABOUT Project Hearing

In 2015 I got pulled over and the police office gave me a bunch of commands that I didn’t hear and initially took my hearing disability for a lack of compliance. If you didn’t know, people with disabilities, especially those with hearing disabilities, experience police violence, wrongful arrests, and discrimination at higher rates than the general population. It was then, in that incredibly fearful moment (and many others leading up to it), that I realized that my challenges --dating as a person with a disability, getting a taxi, disclosing her hearing disability during a job interview-- were not personal challenges but social ones experienced by almost ALL individuals with hearing disabilities. So I had a lightbulb moment and decided to use social media as a platform through which I could share information.

Project Hearing, an organization that bridges the gap between information and resources for people with a hearing disability and tools, services, and resources to help us navigate and succeed in a hearing world.

In just one year Project Hearing has grown and expanded beyond my wildest dreams!

I am so excited to have you join us! .

--Mariella, Project Hearing Founder